We live in a very ‘me’ centred culture. I heard someone say once, “I can prove everyone is self-centred. When you look at a group photo you are in, who is the first person you look for? You!” It is true. No matter who we are, we are almost always self-focused. However, we will never feel fulfilled if we are always focused on others. How do you serve others passionately while serving in a way that doesn’t burn you out?

Our focus must get off of ourselves and the pressing needs of others around us. Though counter-intuitive, this is how to live a long gospel-centred life of making disciples. We must live free from sin, shame, and the weight of others’ expectations. 1 Corinthians 9 is leading us to this end.

Our call isn’t to run after every broken heart and every problem we see; we are indeed not called to sit back and watch others minister to others around us. We each have a call to make disciples by sharing and living the gospel. This means we must put Christ first in our life and come to the Father moment by moment to receive direction on what to say, who to serve, and how we can love others best. Nothing can hinder us from displaying Christ to others!

We hope to see you at Cross Connection Church on Sunday at 10 AM as we gather to worship our King.