There is nothing like a mother’s touch. Nothing can make you feel more loved and safe than a kind word from a mother.

We have been going through 1 Corinthians as a church for the past few months. We have focused on what it is to live like a spiritual family. Every family has a mother. Someone to bring the family together. Someone who calls people up. Someone to see the best in us even when we don’t see it ourselves. All of these displays of love are fueled by one thing, love.

What does love look like to you? That is what this Sunday will help define for you. Using 1 Corinthians 13:4-7, we will see how love is displayed for us in the heart of God. The challenge we all have is receiving the love God offers us. Once we can do that, we can love others the way He loves them.

Join us this Sunday at 10 AM as we see God display His love to us through stories of love!