Happy Father’s Day, men!

This Sunday, we invite you to recognize how much courage it takes to live for Jesus today. Someone who has courage is strong, bold and alert. They stand their ground because of their convictions and will not be moved.

What a joy to have courageous men in our church who are committed fathers. The role of a father is more essential today than ever. A godly father will display what godly living is all about to their children. A godly father will protect and provide for his family. Following God’s instructions toward living a godly life takes courage.

It takes courage to be a godly father in a culture where masculinity is called “toxic” and where gender has become a confusing topic. It also takes courage to become a man who denies himself to pour into his family.

We want to honour our fathers this Sunday at 10 AM at Cross Connection Church. We want you all to be a living testimony of courage to the children in our church, the other men and women in our church, and those we work or live alongside in our community.

Take a look at Josua 1:6-9 before Sunday, as we will use this as a guiding passage as we listen to a few testimonies from CCC fathers!

See you Sunday!