Last Sunday Rob and Michelle shared their journey of Faith, Hope, and Love.  Through their story, it is clear how good and involved God has been with them over the past 5 years and specifically over the past 5 weeks.  Their story was full of both mountains and valleys and revealed a God who is Present, Provider, and Protector and they said Yes to the Holy Spirit.

As a Church family we have the privilege to learn how to love and support them well during this season, and at the same time, be aware and actively engaged in the story the Spirit of God is inviting each of us into.


As we discern together what God wants to do in our church family in this next season it has become clear that God has not just removed Rob to shape and reshape him (as the Potter and Clay), but that God is shaping and reshaping HIS CHURCH.  This time is not just about God reshaping one part of HIS body, but every part of his body so that we can be carefully joined together.

This Sunday join us for some powerful stories from people who are walking through their own mountains and valleys. You will be invited to listen as they share what it looks like for them to Say Yes to the Holy Spirit in the season they are in and then challenged to consider what it means for you today to Say Yes to the Holy Spirit in your life.