Message by Darren Duncalfe | Unseen Places – 2 Corinthians 4:17-18

While visiting my family recently,  I was reminded (during a sing-along time) that many of the songs that used to be sung focused on heaven and a very deliberate approach to life that kept “things unseen” nearer to the front of mind. Part of the counter-cultural teachings of Jesus was an emphasis on understanding that the spiritual things are (dare I say) much more “real” and important than the tactile, observable things we put so much emphasis on. While we process loss and difficulty, the recognition of what God is up to in the “unseen places” is crucial to healing and a healthy way forward. In preparation for Sunday consider:

In a typical day, how often do I consider things from a spiritual perspective?

When things look bad from an earthly perspective, do I ever stop to think about what the situation might look like through the eyes of Christ?

If I got really serious about believing eternal things matter the most, how might my priorities change? What things that seem important to the world might become less important?

In the next few days take some time to pray and ask Jesus to show you some of what He is up to in the “unseen places”.