The Good News Narrative – Lynn Dietz

A narrative is a ’spoken or written account of connected events’ – a storyline playing in everyone’s heart and mind – a story that leads and motivates us to thoughts, feelings and actions.  There are many varied storylines playing out in our culture today, providing pathways for people to follow.  These varied narratives work, until they don’t, and then we are off to a different one, in search of help and hope.

However, Jesus gives us the greatest narrative the world has ever known! His declaration that He is the Way, Truth and Life, is a sure and certain pathway to follow and thrive in a world filled with instability and insecurity. His Good News Narrative is good news for us and for the neighbourhood!

This message from John 14 will explore cultural narratives, the ‘Jesus narrative’ and ways we can refocus our lives and the life of the church back on to this ‘Jesus narrative’ to see life flourish as God intended it to be.