Prepare Us to be a Sanctuary | We are God’s House – Part 1

In 1 Peter 2:5, Peter tells his readers that they are being built up as a spiritual house. He explains that they are individually living stones and together those stones are being made into a house. By using the word spiritual, Peter helps his readers know he is not talking about a literal, physical house; rather, God is doing something spiritual with these people, not only individually but also in community. These are not inanimate stones; these stones have life. Together they are being built into a spiritual house.

We exist to equip people to live transformed and empowered lives through Jesus.  God has something bigger in mind for us than just a new building.  We are God’s house, we are the building material bought and paid for that He intends to use in constructing His spiritual house (temple/building) where He lives by His Spirit.

Over the next 3 weeks, we will invite God’s Spirit to do whatever He wants IN each of us!

God has not just removed one part of our body to work on, refresh, shape, and reshape it, He wants to work on and reshape every part of our body so we can fit together like a house where God lives by His Spirit!

As you prepare for the next 3 weeks, let’s pray this prayer together.

We say Yes to you Father!  We give you permission to shine your light in every part of us, our minds, our hearts, and the deepest parts of us.  Open our eyes to see, our ears to hear and our hearts to understand.

Lord prepare us, every part of your body, to be your sanctuary, a spiritual house built by you, filled by you, for your glory!