It is so good to get our way sometimes. We are thrilled when there are several options, and the one chosen is the one we want. But, when we don’t get what we want, this is where tensions arise. Throw a little spiritual seasoning on that recipe, and you can have spontaneous relational combustion!

James asks a good question in James 4:1, “What causes quarrels and what causes fights among you?” He answers it in the following sentence, “Is it not this, that your passions are at war within you?” It is our natural mind that wants the things it conceives are best for us.

We see this in young families all the time. We even see it in churches. Here’s what can make the difference between a family that drowns in the tension and a family that thrives in it, Jesus.

Wow! The Sunday School Answer Of The Year Award goes to – Rob Campbell!

Paul writes to the Corinthian church, helping them realize that the tension causing division comes from a mindset on the things of the earth. But we have been given a spiritual mindset. With a spiritual mindset, we can serve others better because we know the mind of Christ in the situation.

How do you access the mind of Christ? Great question–I hope to see you Sunday when we discuss that!

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