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Name the lies you have believed in your wilderness (last week) and ask God to reveal the truth of His heart and love for you in your wilderness. 

“Moses spoke to the people and said:

“Now, Israel, hear the statutes and decrees

which I am teaching you to observe,

that you may live, and may enter in and take possession of the land 

which the LORD, the God of your fathers, is giving you. 

Therefore, I teach you the statutes and decrees

as the LORD, my God, has commanded me,

that you may observe them in the land you are entering to occupy.

Observe them carefully,

for thus will you give evidence

of your wisdom and intelligence to the nations,

who will hear of all these statutes and say,

‘This great nation is truly a wise and intelligent people.’

For what great nation is there

that has gods so close to it as the LORD, our God, is to us

whenever we call upon him?

Or what great nation has statutes and decrees

that are as just as this whole law

which I am setting before you today?

However, take care and be earnestly on your guard

not to forget the things which your own eyes have seen,

nor let them slip from your memory as long as you live,

but teach them to your children and to your children’s children.” 

– Deut 4:1, 5-9

Remember a time when God was present and real in your life. Name how He was present and real. Know that these same characteristics of God are present in your life today. 

Speak the truth of God’s character and His promises over your wilderness.

God’s Character

  • Protector and Provide

  • Mediator, giving us peace with God

  • Saviour, freeing us from the weight of sin

  • Wonderful Counsellor

  • Comforter of our souls

  • Gentle convictor

God’s Promises

  • To feed us with food for our souls
  • To give light to our darkness
  • To redeem and call us by name
  • To never leave us or forsake us
  • To lead us
  • To comfort us


To remember a time when you saw and knew God to be with you 

To build an Ebenezer (altar to God or a way of remembering His Promises and words He’s spoken) 

We must constantly remind ourselves of Who God is, His Character, and the promises He has for us regardless of our season

Prayer for the week: Psalm 23

Further study: 1 Sam. 16:1-13,Eph. 5:8-14, John 9:1-41

Written by Bethany Roan ©

Image by Bethany Roan ©